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Howdy folks and welcome to my blog site. I’m a physics buff, an author of fiction books and a regular Joe who is rediscovering himself, while doing not so regular things. I’m here to celebrate life as it comes and share my experiences with you – good, bad or ugly. So hit the buttons bellow or scroll down the page and we shall begin an awesome journey  together.


The last Attractor of Chaos

Trying to protect his pregnant wife, scientist Ashwin Rathore gets killed – unexpectedly and unwantedly. A deadly force lurks in the murk that wants her too. But why? Is it because she is ex-army intelligence, or because she works for the NIA, or she knows something that none else does.   

The Chimera Retribution

A story of our origins. A story of lost love, grudge and retribution. A story of this destructive species, we call humans and the God who crated them… or was created by them.

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Life Is Awesome, once you start living

I have learnt & taught physics for fourteen years only to realize that starting from sub atomic particles to the vast expanses of the universe, the reality is never absolute. May it be the relativity of space-time or the wave-particle duality of electrons, there are versions of truth but never an absolute truth. When you have assimilated this to your core, any and all belief systems that you have, accumulated start to melt away.  That’s what inspired me to write my first book – The Last Attractor of Chaos.

The process of writing, no matter how tedious, or exhausting or lonely got me close to my true self. Made me realize that if you are in your right mind, loneliness with a purpose is a beautiful thing. Pain is a beautiful thing. That made me started on my next book – The Chimera Retribution and helped me finish it. No matter what came in the way. 

I guess that’s what life is – An limited time buffet of pain, purpose and fulfillment. 

Abhinav Singh

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Mark Twain

Lighting Thief

Mark Twain

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