Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words – Mark Twain

I can tell you by experience that Mark Twain was playing with sarcasm when he wrote these words and writing is the loneliest and the most difficult of all crafts. But there is a secret.

An author is in a world of drama, romance and thrill as his characters are racing against time. While the people closest to him think that he is all alone and struggling with nothingness. Writing is a craft that takes years and hundreds of thousands of words to master. That being done, the writers still struggle to create the next story that would send the reader into a world of bliss and create those unforgettable characters that become a part of their lives.

This page is all about the mistakes I made and my struggle to understand this craft. Four years and two million words down the line, I still find it hard to say that I’m a master.

But as the saying goes – Those who cant do…. teach

This page isn’t about shortcuts to sell million copies of your book. In my experience I found them too good to be true. If you are looking for something similar, I suggest that you don’t scroll down further.

This page is not even intended to make you a master of the craft, because that takes practice, practice and even more practice. My blogs are all about basics that can help you clear level zero, and level one…maybe level two. A helping hand to make you grow a bit, in the pursuit of creating a bestseller.

So. Happy writing folks.

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  1. Hi Abhinav
    Keep onwriting and you will be able to use the most appropriate words in different context without any problems. They may come as leaves come to a plant, so naturally and effortlessly.
    All the best!!!

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