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Novel 1: The Chimera Retribution

Genre – Thriller Fiction

**** & 1/2 on Goodreads

After a long time, I am reading a very interesting, engrossing thriller from an Indian author. It’s a well-written book with a lot of twists and turns that keep you wanting to turn the pages and not let go. This is a typical thriller, with every page an unexpected twist – Goodreads Reviewer

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A Journey through the chapters

The Chimera Retribution

What if, the entire human race were a means to an end? What if, our existence is an outcome of experimentation and intervention, that went on for millennia? What if, our governments know about it and they are playing with human lives? What if, there are elements of control, hidden deep within our genes, that humans can never unlock to reach their full potential?
An ongoing clandestine archaeological expedition, near the Kailasa temple, Ellora, is attacked. All participants killed, except one – A twenty one year old girl, named Vishakha Dutta.
She comes to realize that it’s not just the bad guys, but the Indian Intelligence, the SETI and the CIA are after her and she doesn’t know why. How much time does she have before her luck runs out?
She has no other choice, but to run for her life.
But running isn’t just enough when the entire state of Maharashtra or maybe even the whole country, is about to implode in a civil war.
Time is running out and encoded deep inside of her, is the key to all answers.

The 9/11

Daniel Sadusky is waiting for a mysterious enforcer in his office, in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The building is attacked just after he reveals a secret.

The Archeological Find

Dr. Chandrakumar is on the verge of a truth altering discovery, near Kailasa temple - Ellora. His team is attacked and killed by a long range sniper. It is an insider job.

The Survivor

Vishakha Dutta is the sole survivor of this carnage and now running for her life. She finds out that there are deep hidden secrets to this incident that somehow relates to a life that she has forgotten.

The SETI and CIA connection

Oscar Neilson, a CIA agent, who has been following Dr. Chandrakumar and his work, finds Vishakha. Turns out that she was the subject he was looking for.

Mayhem at TES-GUARD

Tes-Guard is a secret R&AW base right in the middle of the capitol. There is a blast in the building. Turns out that the perpetrator has the nerve to call the R&AW chief and tells that he holds an entire city at ransom.

The Serpent

One person, who calls himself The Serpent, has held an entire city at ransom. The government will collapse if he succeeds and millions will die. Who is he? What does he want? Nobody knows for sure. Or maybe somebody does.

Novel 2: A spy thriller & a love story

By Abhinav Singh

**** on Goodreads

A book you wish not to end and to know the end of at the same time. A book which comprises of everything from the emotions of love, affection and everything you can think of. A story based on Army, secret Services which includes R&AW, IB. This blends with the strong essence of concept ual physics and the realms whiCh makes it a definite read altogether. I can’t wait for the neXt part to come – Goodreads Reviewer 

**** on Amazon

A first of a kind of Indian Novel which actually got me hooked to the story from the very first page of the book – Amazon Reviewer

A Journey through the chapters

The Last Attractor of Chaos

A spy thriller with an unconventional take on afterlife and the nature of universe.

Shruti Rathore is a semi retired black opp.  agent of the R&AW who chooses to live a domestic life with her husband Ashwin  Rathore. She works behind the desk in the Intelligence Bureau at Mumbai, pushing paper and she is six months pregnant.  There is a dark past behind her, of which Ashwin isn’t aware about.

The grand scheme of the cosmos seems strange and extremely painful when Ashwin gets killed by a gun for hire, sent out to kill her. She also gets arrested by the Intelligence Bureau on the charges of stealing a strategic weapon and killing her associate, Mahesh Mehta.

But death is only a transition, Ashwin’s consciousness (soul), chooses to protect what he loves. The mysteries on Shruti get revealed onto him and her extraordinary intelligence and deviance.  His soul is caught between the dilemma of protecting his wife and choosing the right path.

In this fight, he gets help from a strange consciousness – Tantunam Anuha, who is a bridge between the realms of physical and metaphysical.  It is when he realizes that both he and his wife have been chosen by the all powerful rules of chaos to fulfill a higher and yet a devastating purpose.

The Weapon's Heist

A dangerous weapon is on the transit from the BARC facility in Maharashtra. The information about the transit has the highest level of clearance. A coordinated attack happens on the transit team and the weapon gets stolen.

Murder by Error

Ashwn Rathore, a scientist, is married to a semi retired agent of the Indian Intelligence - Shruti Rathore. He volunteers to deliver some files for her, to her office, and get killed on the way. His killer confesses before shooting him on the head that his wife was the target.

Death or A New Beginning

Ashwin being a physicist gets into the afterlife. He has to make a choice - His own transition or saving his wife and unborn child from an imminent death. because the people who killed him by accident wont stop there.

The Incrimination

Shruti Rathore is charged with murder and sedition. A conspiracy to steal the weapon. She is arrested and taken to NIA headquarters for questioning. The same place she used to work.

The Past

Ashwin follows his wife to protect her and discovers her secrets. Her strange past. A lot of things that he could never know if he was alive.

The Inevitability

More and more Ashwin comes to know about Shruti, more he realizes that their union and her death is inevitable. Someone else might have given up but a dead particle physicist, in love, can't

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